Hello, my name is Andrew Jara. I am trying to be a writer/director. I made a film named "Last Days" that i'm trying to bring some press to.

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Synopsis:  Two commitmentphobes try to have a relationship.

What Season: 1

Review: Growing up isn’t a check list.  You can get as married as you want and still not be an adult.  Getting a job, your own place all that stuff is nice but until growing up is more than that.  This is the theme that You’re the Worst is trying to tackle although in a subtle way.  

Also as you can tell I got  a thing for Aya Cash.  Something about her facial expressions and range really make me like her and she finally gets to deliver in a show that’s almost as good as she is. 

Other than her the show has some pretty great writing other than one character that couldn’t get behind.  The worst thing about the show is it’s premise: can two swinging bachelors fall in love? It’s a gimmick that isn’t needed and the first few episodes fumble by having to fit in it’s network box.  But once it starts moving the show really works and it was pretty good! 

Favorite Episode: Sunday Funday  Normally I would say this was my least favorite episode as it’s built around a internet slang to justify it’s existence. But thanks mostly to Aya Cash’s facial expressions and the easy targets of hipsters the episode works.  I wanted to dislike the episode but I just couldn’t.  Like the show. 

Worst Episode: PTSD I was going to put the pilot up there as it sets up a gimmick that the show has to fit into for the worst but PTSD is worse.  The show has an Vet that’s also addicted to heroin and is also the voice of reason and just seems to be there for the sake of being out there. It feels forced and doesn’t work for me.  The edgar character feels like he’s coming out of a cartoon (and that cartoon being a shitty south park rip off) so he doesn’t’ fit in this world or in the real world. He doesn’t work and I hope he gets better. 

Trivia: Has not been reviewed. 

It has been renewed for season 2!

Synopsis:  A comedy band try to make it.

What Season: 1

Review:  Garfunkel and Oates was probably the most frustrating show of the year. Frustrating because I wanted to like it so much. I heard them years ago and have followed them every since.  I think they make pretty hilarious songs and have a good act.  The problem is that the writing is so bad, it’s hard to care or even watch. 

Let’s compare it to the show that it is most compared to: Flight of the Conchords. So in the pilot episode of that show, the group had two songs: one about meeting a girl at a party and another about pretending to not cry.  So the story became one of them meets a girl and then gets dumped a week later. The songs are so easily place in that story that you don’t even notice they wrote the songs beforehand.  Sometimes they would just start talking about a very specific thing then cut to song about said thing then back to the actual storyline. Here you can always tell that the song was written before the show as the songs are forced in so awkward and forcefully it gets frustrating how lazy it is. 

One of the main things I noticed that happened in almost every episode was one of the duo telling another one, “Hey do you want to (insert joke here.)”  ”Hey do you want to talk about our imaginary fan?” “Hey do you ever notice…”  That’s not a smooth transition! That’s lazily changing the subject! That would be awkward even if you did it in real life. 

Hey do you want to talk about You’re the Worst? 

SEE! That’s weird and makes you realize the shitty writing. This would be fine but even the story was weak.  I mean blondes get more attention from men? Really? Did they still that from married with children?  Guys don’t like girls that talk? These story lines are straight out of the 90s. Yeah so really hard as I tried the show just never came together.  

Worse Episode: Pilot  The pilot was the very beginning of the problem.  The pilot has Anthony Jeselnik. I am a very big fan of Anthony Jeselnik.  But this show wasn’t about Jeselnik, so he shouldn’t have been the best of the pilot.  He was the funniest and most charming character. That doesn’t help you when the show isn’t about you. 

Favorite Episode: Speechless I know I used this as an example of something dumb as the show is about them not talking but this is also the only episode that feels like it’s not straight out of 1994.  See the joke is that guys like them more because they can’t talk so they decide not to talk at all! This is pretty insane premise taken to an extreme degree. The reason it works here and not in other episodes is because they acknowledge this.  See the rest of the show seems to take place in a weird mix of the real world and fake world.  But not like in Flight where the world was an innocent world according to the group but a dark one according to everyone else. Here the world doesn’t set any rule for what the fake world is so it just feels like every joke stands on it’s own and isn’t connected.  This doesn’t suck you and actually forces you out. 

But Speechless spins the premise on it’s head and actually uses the silliness to work in the story.  If the entire series was like this it would work and the outdated storylines would be a part of it. But as it is, it’s a rare gem in a giant misstep for a funny band. 

Trivia: Has not been renewed. 


Thoughts about the Gotham Pilot:
I was live blogging this, but then I got kind of bored so I stopped but here are some thoughts: 
The movie is sadly closer in tone to Schumacher than Nolan. 
The dialogue was painfully exposition-y. 
The winks were pretty heavy handed. 
The whole series was pretty heavy handed. 
If they didn’t have names I love, I would have stopped watching. 
There were moments that worked, mostly when Bullock and Gordon were actually working the case. 
The tension is gone since we know how a lot of characters’ fates are known. 
Like a lot of pilots, it might just be clunky setting things up.  I’ll still watch it but if it keeps going like this I might forget it’s on. 


Thoughts about the Gotham Pilot:

I was live blogging this, but then I got kind of bored so I stopped but here are some thoughts: 

  • The movie is sadly closer in tone to Schumacher than Nolan. 
  • The dialogue was painfully exposition-y. 
  • The winks were pretty heavy handed. 
  • The whole series was pretty heavy handed. 
  • If they didn’t have names I love, I would have stopped watching. 
  • There were moments that worked, mostly when Bullock and Gordon were actually working the case. 
  • The tension is gone since we know how a lot of characters’ fates are known. 

Like a lot of pilots, it might just be clunky setting things up.  I’ll still watch it but if it keeps going like this I might forget it’s on. 

Plot: A woman realizes that her internet life doesn’t compare to real life and gets a marketing vp to help rebrand her image.   

Review:. The show sounds bad.  Let’s not get around it, yes I saw the trailer too and thought it looked like garbage.  But I also saw Guardians of the Galaxy and Nebula, just Nebula.  So I gave it a shot.

And I’m glad I did.  Sure the show is off to a bumpy start and sometimes relies too much on thinking words like “hashtag” are funny but the leads win it over.  Karen Gillan plays the annoying main character with a bit of heart that makes you not hate her and she has the funniest moments.  John Cho also brings his charm and great annoyed face to the show.  

I found myself liking the characters and wanting to see more which is really all a pilot can do.  It may all fall apart but for now I’m on board. 

Also it’s available now on Hulu so you can see for yourself now! 

WILL I KEEP WATCHING: #forsure… I apologize for that joke

Some things I realized while watching the Simpsons Marathon: 

1. The classic show starts with “Krusty gets Busted” : that’s the first one with the couch gag, Sideshow Bob, Itchy and Scratchy and really when everyone feels like the family we know and love. 

2. Great Unspoken Joke:  The waiting line songs.  From the mental institutions’ Crazy to the missing kids’ Cats in the Cradle, this was under appreciated but hilarious. 

3. The Simpsons used to have heart. Even when it wasn’t as funny an episode, the simpsons could touch you.  Think of Mother Simpson which was hilarious and made you cry a bit.  It was all great.  This is also the biggest thing missing from the new episodes. 

4. The show ends around 2000.  By the lollapoolza episode, things are going down hill and by the next season it is unwatchable. 

5. The show goes from great to alright to garbage in the span of like 3 episodes. 

6.  The Treehouse of Horror episode is a good indication of the rest of the season.  

7.  Once the episodes get bad, the characters become very hateful and mean to each other. 

8. Milhouse and Grandpa Simpson are the most under rated characters. 

9. Marge vs. the Monorail, Raging Abe Simpson and his Grumbling Grandson in the Curse of the Flying Hellfish, Mr. Plow, Flaming Moe’s, and Itchy and Scratch Land are the best episodes. 

10.  Best Simpsons Episodes > Best Family Guy BUT Worst Simpsons < Worst Family Guy

Synopsis:  A comedian tries to help real stories with insane ideas. 

What Series: 2

Review: I’m going to talk about Nathan for You as a series so far as I didn’t find this show until recently and pretty much watched Season 1 and 2 together. Which is okay because there is no real story.  This is kind of a reality comedy, much like Da Ali G, where the show centers around playing with the audience and helping real struggling businesses. You may have heard of Dumb Starbucks, well that was part of this show. 

Initially I didn’t want to watch this show as I thought it was mean spirited and taking advantage of struggling businesses.  That’s what I originally thought but that’s not really the case.  Sure even though the business may be part of the joke, the satire goes far deeper. 

What Nathan for You is satirizing our culture and where we are.  The big joke is that these businesses letting this guy do the things he does such as setting a yogurt shop up with a poop flavor?  There is hardly any fight there and the more people that agree with his plans, the more you kind of see what authority we can give away.  

But going deeper, he’s making fun of the idea of marketing and even human nature.  I mean where are we that we try to take advantage of a deal like in one episodes he offers 100 dollars to anyone that doesn’t think a 10 dollar burger is the best burger ever.  Of course people try to take advantage of it, even when saying they liked the burger or are taking the burger home to eat later, but it’s not the best burger! And we feel we are entitled to 90 dollars of profit just because advertising told us to.  It’s insane if you take a step back, and when Nathan brings out the worker he has to fire to give the customers 100 dollars he gives them a clear example of the destruction of our entitlement.  

A running joke is that people will not read contracts so he puts stuff in there that will make them liable for his schemes.  Again it’s funny but it also shines a light on how we don’t really read anything anymore.  He also plays a lot with accountability as when he sets up a no sharing movie popcorn rule and then goes around the theater with a light to enforce it.  Sure he’s taking things to an extreme but isn’t that what we were doing when we wanted 100 dollars for a 10 dollar burger?  He’s throwing our crazy back at us and it’s great.  

Nathan for You might seem kind of dumb or mean on the outside but it’s really a show about the human condition. 

If you guys know me at all, you know I love the Challenge.  I like the Challenge the way others like Football, I get really into it, follow my favorites and get sad when it’s not here.  That’s why it makes me very sad to say, Diem Brown, a regular on the show has cancer again. 

Diem Brown had very publicly been battling cancer on the show and would come in during remission. But she never used it to get ahead. She wanted to be taken seriously and without pity. It was actually very uplifting to watch, she wouldn’t let her disease control her.  

Also she had an on again off again thing going with CT, another regular.  One of my favorite parts of the series is during one episode, Diem and CT are in a pool.  Diem had been wearing wigs up until that point but CT tells her to take it off. To be real, and it just makes her feel whole again. Like she didn’t have to hide. It was pretty great. 

So it’s really sad to hear she’s struggling again.  It hit me harder than I thought, mostly because I saw her as a success story and it feels like it’s still haunting her.  I hope she gets better soon and I’m rooting for her. 

Synopsis:  Ryan learns the truth about Wilfred as this amazing series takes it’s swan song.

What Season: Final Season. 

Review: Let me be real for a bit.  Last year was rough.  I got so depressed and hit with such anxiety I had to move, I couldn’t leave my house, I couldn’t go out at night and I was having panic attacks a lot.  But I could still laugh, I could still have fun, I was just hollow inside. Adding to the fact that I felt so alone because I couldn’t relate to anyone. I mean I wasn’t crying nonstop or throwing myself in a pool to cry like in the movies so I couldn’t be depressed (also I couldn’t afford a doctor.)

But then I realized Wilfred is probably the closest we’ll get to showing real depression and anxiety on television.  I mean Ryan still laughs, he has fun, he loves but there is something wrong with him and in this final season we finally getting around to dealing with that.  

The last season may have been the weakest but that’s mostly because it had so many things to tie up.  Weakest is a strong word, I think it’s more that this season isn’t for newbies and it shouldn’t be. It’s for giving the fans an ending or closure.  Basically a reason to end.  I think it did a great job.  

Series Finale: Resistance/Happiness (spoilers) I’ve tried not to spoil anything but talking about the finale I have to so be warned. Okay so at the end, we find out that Wilfred was just kind of Ryan’s imagination and was always a dog.  The cult was a misdirect.  But that’s not really important (I actually wish they hadn’t said anything either way) because the show was always about Ryan finding happiness. Even if happiness meant having an imaginary friend that he talks to.  But I think that’s a special message! I mean not everyone is the same and we are all chasing different things so maybe that’s what’s important. Finding what makes US happy, what is important to US, even if others don’t agree. I think that’s pretty beautiful.      

Series Overall: I think what made the series so great was the jokes.  Like I said up there the show dealt with some pretty heavy themes, mostly mental health, but also death, crime, drug abuse and being unhappy in marriage. And with all those themes running it would be easy for the show to get lost in it’s own mythos.  But it never does.  It still has humor and really funny jokes. I mean it gets downright goofy sometimes with poop and weed jokes being a major theme as well.  Again I love that it plays with the theme that depression and anxiety are an underlying problem that is never gone but it’s always at the forefront. I really think Wilfred is important and everyone should give it a shot. 

Thank you Wilfred. For a wonderful and moving show. You’ll be missed. 

Synopsis:  Westeros deals with the fall out of a war as the real battle rages on.

What Season: 4

Review: So a lot of people have talked about how bad Game of Thrones has gotten in the always hating image of the internet. But I think that depends on what you like about Game of Thrones.  Me personally I thought this was one of the better seasons.  I mean last season they had the Red Wedding and that’s pretty much the biggest thing that happens in all the books so we’re never going to have a huge event like that for awhile. But that’s good because that’s what makes them so effective. 

No this season is all about the aftermath of the war and how everyone is dealing with things. That’s not to say there’s isn’t a lot of things going on. We have some big deaths, a lot of character turn arounds and the trial of Tyrion Lannister.  The show continues to be smart and have a world that is mainly shades of grey.  

Worst Episode: The Children To me the season finale was probably the weakest but to be fair it always is.  I think because after all that, the season finales always feel like a lead up to the next season. That’s not to say it’s bad and this one had more going on than before but it still didn’t compare to the episodes that took before it.  It didn’t help that it didn’t wrap up Tyrion until after taking us to Bran and Jon, and after spending a whole episode on the wall it felt like too much of a cock tease.  So I kept trying to rush the episode until we got to the real stuff.        

Favorite Episode: The Laws of Gods and Men So this is where Tyrion gives his big speech and Peter Dinklage reminds us that he deserves all the awards.  He manages to pack so much into so little and remind us what’s important in this show.  If there was a main theme in Game of Thrones, it’s that we can’t control destiny. It doesn’t matter how good of a Stark we are or how bad of a Joffery we are, a million other things will always factor into our lives or lack thereof.  That’s what makes Tyrion’s speech about trial by combat so important. Because once again, the back dealings and others’ action were about to set his life down a path on the wall.  But once he was given the final insult of Shae, he decided that he was going to take destiny into his own hands. He was going to spit in the fact of other’s actions even if it meant his death, because it would be his own.  I can’t think of a better thing than that.     

Trivia: Next Season will be a mix of the next two books.