Hello, my name is Andrew Jara. I am trying to be a writer/director. I made a film named "Last Days" that i'm trying to bring some press to.

Film Website: www.LastDaysfilm.com


Plot: An anchor diagnosed with Parkinson’s decides to return to work.

Review: If the crazy ones was tailor made for fans of Robin Williams, then The Michael J. Fox show is made to show why Fox has so many fans. The show is charming if not particularly funny. But really it’s a showcase for Fox and it’s amazing to see him work. At this point, it’s hard not to notice his disease but he pushes past him and proves that you don’t need to feel sorry for him. Written by the writer of one of my favorite comedies, Fired up, Will Gluck the pilot does a good job of establishing the characters.  They act like a family if one that is in a tough place now. But the pilot keeps it light and has it’s charms.  

It does have some problems as it becomes a bit of a PSA sometimes. But it’s walking a thin line of having to address the disease without being a show about Parkinson’s. I say at the end of the day, the show accomplishes more than it falters and it works.     

WILL I KEEP WATCHING: Yes, I like the cast especially Fox and Juliette Goglia, who was amazing in Fired up!, and continues to show real talent here.