Hello, my name is Andrew Jara. I am trying to be a writer/director. I made a film named "Last Days" that i'm trying to bring some press to.

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Comic I Read: Wolverine Max: Entire Series

Plot: Wolverine tries to regain his memory after waking up from a plane crash

Review: I guess this story was supposed to be a “What if?” story?  I don’t know. It did a bunch of stuff that would ruin retcon of the character but it wasn’t brought up in the actual comics so I don’t know. I thought this was just a wolverine story told with sex, violence and swearing.  In that aspect, I will say the comic succeed in that it didn’t go over the top to be “extreme!” in the r-rated stuff, nothing felt gratuitous.  Unlike like other series that I couldn’t even finish (cough*deadpool*cough) this one was at least trying to tell a story.

Sadly that story was about Wolverine losing his memory and trying to find it all while his enemies try to convince him that’s he’s really a monster. OH MAN WHAT A GREAT NEW TAKE ON THE CHARACTER!! I haven’t seen that story explored since: comical list of every series involving Wolverine ever including every X-Men movie other than first class.  So yeah it’s not exactly new territory and it doesn’t really explore it even in a cool way. I think the problem with this storyline is that we know wolverine is the hero, I mean AvX’s whole arc is that Wolverine hasn’t been the “animal” for so long now, so that takes all the tension out of it.  Sure it can be done well like in the great The Wolverine movie but here, it’s just the same old thing with blood and guts.